Accounting Procedures for Horses


No paddock is kept without a booking fee.

All accounts are payable 1 month in advance.  We do not bill every 4 weeks, as people arrive at different times of the month.

Billing is per calendar month.  To get this amount we have multiplied the daily charge by 365 days and divided it by 12 months. This results in an even fee that you pay each month. 

This is done so that all statements can be sent out at the same time each month, which is the 15th of every month. Billing is from the 1st of the month to the end of the month.  Payments are to be made on or before the last day of each month. $10.00 discount given if previous months account is paid and cleared in our account by the 30th or 31st of the current month's billing.  Late payment will attract a $25.00 late payment fee which will be added to your next invoice.  Our preferred method of payment is by direct bank transfer to our bank account. (links will be on invoice).

Your first month will be charged differently. You will be charged the daily rate for the number of days left to the end of the month.