Aniyah Rushton-Butler

Aniyah is just starting out on her little pony "Lily".   She will be starting to show Lily in 2014.

Annie        Lily with Hay



8th March, 2014.  Dunedoo Show                                                                          Aniyah with her winnings

Annie Dunedoo3rd             Led Pony

1st             Maiden Ridden Pony

1st              Pony under 14 hh

1st              Pony not exceeding 11.2 hh

3rd              Bending Race

2nd              Flag Race





14th March, 2014.  Coonabarabran Show                

   Pair of Riders Coona

   3rd                  Led Pony        

   3rd                  Ridden Pony under 14 hh     

   2nd                 Ridden Pony 12hh and under

                         (First place was an adult rider)

   2nd                 Pair Riders